The Beginning of Trading

Trading helped Mesopotamians a great deal. They realized that they don't have to find their own food, clothing, shelter and water. Instead, a farmer could pay two chickens for a wool sweater. Or, a builder would trade their work, for three goats and one chicken. These are some trades that Mesopotamians may have done. This is very important because humans don't need to cover all their basic needs as they could trade their expertise, labour or goods, for other expertise, labour or goods. However, most smart people weren't pushovers. People would try to get the best deal and if it didn't turn out, they wouldn't trade. This is when bargaining started.

The Beginning of Long-distance Trading

Since villages grew and flourished, the need for more materials arisen. Because Mesopotamians thrived in farming, they started to trade with neighbouring regions. During that time, the best way to travel was by sea. The most popular waterways were the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Long-distance trading by boat started around 3000 BCE. One reason early long-distance travelling could have been dangerous, was the weather. No one could judge the weather back then, so they would go on the boat and hope there wasn't going to be a storm on the way. That’s just one of many reasons why long-distance trading on boat was very dangerous. Finally, when a form of writing started, that is how people would keep track of trading.

external image Tigr-euph.png
Two very important long-distance trading routes by boat.

Long-distance Trading on land

Luckily, around 1000 BCE, camels were introduced for long-distance trading on land. This helped encourage long-distance trading that wasn't as dangerous. Mesopotamians were able to domesticate camels to be able to travel on them. Also, camels did not need very much water, as they have humps that can derive water.


In conclusion, trading was one of the most important things humans learned. Trading has been going on for millennia and still goes on today. From the most expensive trading between countries, to black market deals in the flea market, this all started thousands of years ago. This was an amazing discovery for humans and I'm sure it will last until human extinction.

external image Maler_der_Grabkammer_des_Menna_013.jpg
This is a Mesopotamian sailboat likely used for trading or
travelling, but may have been used for other purposes

Socials Monologue

Dear King of Egypt,
This is King Hammurabi sending you a very important notice. I have heard you have received some precious metals and rare spices. I know we have traded before and I believe our past trades have been very fair. I am an honorable man and I want to propose a very fair trade. Since Egypt have more beautiful resources then the civilization of Babylon, I would like to have some for this kingdom and the people of Babylon. I am currently in the Ziggurat and I have some stunning textiles I am willing to trade.

Would you consider trading one pound (497.7g) of black pepper and two deer hides for three stunning robes, and three beautiful ceramic pots. Lately, we have been making some amazing pottery and I’m sure you would love them. I know what I have to trade looks absolutely dazzling here in the Ziggurat and will look even better in your kingdom. I hope you consider this a reasonable trade as much as I do.

I hope to hear a message from you soon because I would very much like those luxurious items. Also, I would like to see you soon as I haven’t seen you in quite a long time.

King Hammurabi

Dear King Hammurabi,
I believe your offer is very fair and I happily accept this offer. It is a good deal for both of us and I can’t wait to have the beautiful textiles and pottery. Thank you for this deal and I will send my boat over with the spices and deer hides. Please send your textiles and pottery over ASAP.

Thank you and I also hope to see you soon.

Egyptian King

Strong Verbs:
  1. Proposing
  2. Accepting