Religion in mesopotamia started the worlds first mythology. The religion mesopotamia is one of the oldest religions that we still have records of. Here are some of the many things that mesopotamian's believed in:

  1. They believed that the world was like a flat disk surrounded by a hollow space/hole.
  2. They also believed that the ocean was all over earth covering all sides top and bottom.
  3. They had also believed that earth was made/ created with all water.

This is a mesopotamian king bowing down and praying to a god.
external image Mesopotamia_Ashurnasirpal1.jpg
Mesopotamian Gods

Mesopotamian also believed that their world was controlled by gods, goddess, demons and monsters. They had hundreds of gods how controlled everything from the sky, cloud to the sea, trees and the river. For every city they had their own different god and/or goddess. Huge temples were build in the middle of the city for their gods to live in. Around the year 200 BC temple towers were starting to be build to link heaven and earth. Mesopotamian gods were anthropomorphic. Anthropomorphic means that they were human in appearance with many humanly personality traits. Gods required food and drinks. Some gods had more power than other gods. There gods and goddesses looked and acted just like regular people. They had family, feasts, wars and marriages. They would get jealous, angry joyful and even kind at times. Their gods and goddesses had supernatural powers.
Some of their many gods were:
Anu god of heaven, Ki god of earth, Enlil god of air and Enki god of water, Antum goddesses of earth,
Ashnan goddesses of grain field, Nabu god or writing and wisdom, Ashur god of war and sham ash god of sun. These are just some of the many many gods that they had believed in. The people of mesopotamia believed in over 75 gods.

This is a picture of a person bending down to the city's god. She is praying and worshipping him.
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The Temples Mesopotamian peoples Build

The towers they build were called ziggurats were very large, pyramid shaped structures on top of which the temples had been built. The ziggurats were built out of mud bricks that were 3-7 traced levels. The mesopotamian believed that the ziggurats connected heaven and earth.

How people treated their gods

They treated the gods and goddesses right and with care because they provided them with anything and with everything.
People feed their gods several times a day the courses were set out in front of the statue of the god or goddess as music played.

What mesopotamians fed their gods every day:

12 vessels of wine, 2 vessels of milk, 108 vessels of beer, 243 loaves of bread, 29 dates, 21 rams, 2 bulls, 1 bullock, 8 lambs
60 birds, 3 cranes, 7 ducks, 4 wild boars, 3 ostrich eggs, 3 duck eggs.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient sumerians worshipped many different gods and goddesses. they believed that the gods and goddesses influenced
so much of what happened in their lives. Babylonian and Assyrian religion was heavily influenced by the Sumerians. In mesopotamia the people looked to their religion to answer their questions about life or death, good or evil and the forces of nature. The sumerians believed that everything had to be in perfect order, everything preplanned by the gods. Most sumerians were tied to their beliefs in the spirt world and the followed a strict and exact pattern.

These are just some of the few gods in mesopotamia, god of water, god of air, god of sky.
external image Mesopotamian%20Gods.jpg

Gods that controlled the universe

People in mesopotamia believe that it was four all powerful gods that created and controlled the whole universe.
An was the god of heaven, Enlil was the air god, Enki was the water god, and Ninhursag was the mother earth-godesses. They believed that these gods made lesser gods and that was important to Mesopotamia.Every single city in mesopotamia had their own god or goddesses who owned everyone and everything in the city. Everyone in the city had to sing and read prayers etc. They believed that the gods could get mad at you and punish you or they could be pleased and reward you.

My Experience as a God
Dear people of the future,
Hi my name is Ellil and I am a Mesopotamian god. I am one of the most powerful gods in all Mesopotamia, I am the father lots of other Mesopotamian gods. As every god has its own city to rule my main city is Nippur. I’d like to think that I am one of the most powerful gods. Some gods can’t stand looking at me and that gives me some confidence. I guard “the table of destiny.” The table of destiny is basically a cuneiform tablet on which I write the fates of everything that is happening on earth. That means I do sort of control everything that was happening in Ancient Mesopotamia and then write it down. Kings and gods from all over Mesopotamia would send me offerings.

As I was saying my dreams is to one day be the most powerful god in all of Mesopotamia. I want to take over and I want everyone in Mesopotamia to worship me. Apparently to most people the most powerful gods in mesopotamia right now would be Anu god of heaven, Ki goddesses of earth and Enki god of water. So for whoever is reading this in the future I just wanted to let you know how it is in Ancient Mesopotamia. Thank you for reading this.
Best of luck, Enlil