Intorduction: My wiki page is on the inventions of ancient mesopotamia

the wheel
Archeologists do not know for sure who had the idea to make the wheel, but the oldest wheel ever that was recovered was from mesopotamia. It is the most likely that the part of mesopotamia sumer had the idea to make the wheel then later in 3200 bc they used the wheel for there chariots
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They used there advanced math ability to track the stars, planets and moons. It took al lot of mathematics and scientific process.

The invention of writing is perhaps the most important invention of ancient mesopotamia. It is most likely that the sumerians came up with the idea for writing. Five thousand years ago they started to develop a form of writing so they could record and communicate several types of information.

sumerian mathematic's
the sumerians of ancient mesopotamia started to develop a complex system of metrology from around 3000bc from 2600 bc the sumerians started to do there multiplication tables onto clay tablets and also did geometrical exercised plus division problems.
babylonian mathematics Babylonian mathematics also known as assyro- babylonian are plentiful and very well edited. the babylonian mathematics is derived from 400 clay tablets written in cuneiform script. Most of the clay tablets that were recovered clay tablets date back 1800 to 1600 bce.

The babylonians started to make several strives in medicine. They started to use more logic and also started recording medical history to lead to being able to diagnose and treat illness with a lot of different pills creams.

The ancient mesopotamians were making a lotos technological discoveries. They started to use bronze metal and later after the bronze metal they would start to use iron metal. Which would lead them to making more strong tools and also weapons and to weave cloth from wool they would use looms.

Dear royal subjects,

I am planning on inventing something that will revolutionize our world. It will help us with our warfare because we can put it on our chariots so it can work in battle. It will also help us with our transportation since it will help move supplies. This great invention is called the wheel. The wheel will move in a forward motion which will also make it be able to move in a backward motion. Which will make it a lot easier to transport goods.

There is one more invention That i was thinking of making. It is a bit different then the wheel. This invention is called writing. This invention will help us record what ever information we have that we have to remember.