Types of crops
The most important crops grown by the sumerians where wheat and barley because they were cheap and easy crops to grow and most economy was based on those crops. Wheat and barley where not the only crops grown though there was also many other grains grown such as rice and millet also many fruits where grown such as dates, figs, grapes, apples and melons. Also there where many vegetables such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, radishes, cucumbers, leeks, squash and their favourite vegetable eggplant. Not only did farmers grow crops but they also raised animals such as goats, sheep, oxen, cows, pigs and donkeys. The animals where used for pulling things such as plows and for dairy poultry and materials for making clothing such as wool and hides.


A very useful technique that the mesopotamians used was they wrote down everything in a book. In the books they wrote down things like when they needed to plant more crops, when the crops needed to be watered and when the crops needed to be harvested. This was very useful because they could always know those facts. The farmers had two different techniques for planting the seeds the first one was the farmers would go walk along the fields throwing seeds everywhere then they would let out the animals so they would trample the fields. The second one was the farmers would put the seeds into containers and attach them to plows then hitch the oxen or cows to the plow and pull it along the fields.


Farmers used many different tools with different jobs. Some tools were used for getting the fields ready to plant new seeds buy breaking up all the soil there where also tools for weeding so the weeds would not kill the plants. Some tools are garden hoe, plow, shovels and rakes. The shovel was used to dig holes that the seeds would go in. the rakes and garden hoes were used to break up all the dirt and for weeding. At first the plow was just a a simple stone blade with a wooden shaft attached but around 2300 BCE they upgraded to a seed plow.

Bringing people together

Farming was very important in Mesopotamia. It provided food for everyone and it brought everyone together. Each farmer would grow and harvest their crops then when it was time they would take them to the markets to sell and make their profits. When it was time for a farmer to harvest their crops people would come from the city and help them harvest the crops this helped them develop teamwork and communication skills which helped build a strong community.


Farmers counted on theTigris and Euphrates rivers for the water supply to water their plants since these where the closest two rivers. The yearly flood from the Turkish mountains made the soil fertile and easier to grow crops in. This flood came every year late spring early summer from all the melting snow and glaciers on the Turkish mountain. Unfortunately these floods where to late for spring crops and to early for the fall crops. people did find a way to control the water flow by digging canals and irrigation ditches so the farmers could water their crops whenever they wanted.

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Canals and irrigation ditches


Dear Hulla,
I am Urtur and i am writing to you from my farm in Assyria. I am one of the farmers here in Assyria and I heard that you would like a job at the farm. I will be explaining a bit about our system here. First of you have to be willing to work long hours in the hot fields this is not horrible you get used to it but it isn't the nicest thing. you also need to be willing to get dirty like really dirty. Most of our work consists of getting dirty you have to plant seeds, dig, butcher animals, groom animals and harvest crops. I really enjoy this job and i bet you will too it is one of the most enjoyable jobs it the city of Assyria.

Some more things you should know is we dont only have plants that we grow we also raise animals such as Oxen, cattle, sheep, goats and many more. this means you have to not mind working with animal because a big part of our job is raising our animals. We start with little baby animals and you have to not get attached to them because in the end we have to kill them, this for me is the worst part of the job. So they start as babies and we have to get up early to feed them, milk them, collet there eggs or any of the produce they produce then when they are old enough we butcher them.

Next thing you have to be strong. We have to carry a lot of heavy things like when we are harvesting things we have to carry all of the crops which may be 50 metres away from the barn. mostly the men do this like me but women have to do their fair share of this as well. Another thing that you need strength for is digging. You may think this is not very hard but when you are doing it for long periods of time.

Finally I am going to tell you about my favourite part the harvesting. when it is time toharvest the crops we will have a big party. People will come from all over the city and we all harvest togeter. we have fun and the children play games while we harvest as a community. This makes it easier for us and its a great way of bonding.

Well that's what I have to tell you about this wonderful job. I hope that you still want to have this job i bet that you will have a great time doing it. Although there are downs to this job i think it is the best one in Assyria.
sincerely Urtur