Sailboats were of utmost importance to them as transportation was essential to there culture.Five thousand years ago mesopotamians started using saling boats for travel and trade between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.All this and more was around four to five thousand years ago. These are just some of the contributions by the Mesopotamia to the modern world.
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Why did the Mesopotamians need sailboats
They were doing commerce between city with the the sailboats. They
wanted to set up trade relationships with nearby cities and countries.
Thes were in the days before road routes were built making transportation of goods by land routes hectic and difficult. Therefore, they had to figure out an alternative mode of transportation for goods and people. This came in the form of water transportation , and the the first boats were invented.

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How were the sailboats of mesopotamians made
The sailboats of mesopotamia were simple in design; the sails were square inshape and made of cloth. The angle and direction of the sails coul not be changed. If the wind blew in the direction that the sailboats desired to go.