a sample of the writing they would use over 600 letters

Mesopamia had a very different school system. Only boys could go to school, but if a girl wanted to go to school she would be tought by her parents or if her family was very wealthy it would be an exeption for her to go. Schools were called Edubbas. The teacher would be a priest. And they would be called, ummia meaning expert

The students would go to school from sunrise to sunset every day of the week. They would learn reading, writing and math. The writing they would learn is called cuneiform meaning, wedge shape. To write they would use tools and clay there were over 600 characters and numbers.

If any student messed up they would be whipped. They thought that in pain they would renember better. Sometimes they would learn about the heroes and have music lessons. Yes, it was very diiftent school system from the mdern day.