Welcome to the world of digital writing, Division 1!

As we begin our research and inquiry on Innovations the Ancient Fertile Crescent, we will learn how to work and learn collaboratively on the wiki. You will be able to share your writing, images, video, and, best of all, exchange thoughts on what you are learning.

Rather than creating a bibliography to document your learning, you will use one of my favourite wiki features: the link button. (You will find this button in the tool bar, just at the top, when you're in edit mode.) In this way, you will be able to link the reader to the site where you obtained your information on your Mesopotamian innovation.

I'm excited to see where we go as we explore writing and learning digitally!

Click here for a short video about wikis, and how they are useful.

Link for Creative Commons Search:


Food for Thought - Writing About Our Thinking

Part 1:
Pick one of the following.
A) Choose 3 - 5 of the most important words in your article. In essay form, say why each is important. You must include introductory and concluding paragraphs.
B) Write a monologue in role as a citizen of one of the Mesopotamian kingdoms concerning the topic of your Wiki page.
Remember to include:
• What is your gender, occupation, location?
• Who are you talking to?
• What is your topic?
• Identify a strong verb that describes what you're doing. e.g: Convincing, Complaining, Explaining, Fleeing, Leading, etc.

Part 2:
Read the Wiki page and Critical Thinking piece of an assigned classmate, and comment in the discussion section of their page. Comment should include:
• What you find interesting about their post
• Make a connection between your post and your partner's. What do your posts have in common? Is there something in your partner's post that helps you to understand your own topic?
• Any question, idea or opinion inspired by your partner's post.